Monday, July 15, 2013

Phone post!

Good lord,  can they make it any easier for techie goobers like me?!  Bless all the real techies for having mercy on those who are challenged at.....well...everything!!!  This is so awesome....okay, if it actually posts after I'm done typing it will be!
  Last week I was motivationally challenged and couldn't seem to get into any major sewing.  Since I have put off making new panels for my back and side door, I thought this is a somewhat brainless project.  Right up my alley! Here's a pic of the old panels that are almost ten years old. 

And here are the new panels.  They look so much better with the brown walls.  Plus,  my husband is quite impressed with them.  I make a quilt that takes me a month to finish and I get a "that's nice honey" but I make two simple rectangles and all of a sudden I'm the world most creative sewer!  Oh well,  I'll take what I can get!  Oh the two dark strips you see through the panels are just strips with velcro on the lower end so I can roll up the panel and stick them to velcro pieces under the flap up top.  
  Now onto my Christmas projects for Madame Samm's next bloghop!  Joy to the World....Robin


  1. Robin I love these - they would be perfect in my house. :) I actually have two sets of french doors that I'd love to do something with besides the sheers. Maybe this would work for me too! blessings, marlene

  2. Lol , isn't it funny what impresses our husbands. The new panels certainly look wonderful. You're a No Reply commenter so I've popped over to thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm so excited that you are going to make a Christmas version of the Swoon Houses. Make sure you post some photos so I can see.

  3. Hey that looks great. A little advise from is is take all the atta boys you can get from these guys, Most have no idea what it takes to stitch up something anyway! LOL!!

    I'm not sure just why I have not been getting your posts in my google reader. I've missed a lot, but I am catching up now! :-)