Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flag on a Stick hop!

                                                  Sew we quilt
Here goes my second try at writing this post!!!!  Oh technology, why do you hate me?!!!
  As soon as I heard about this hop I knew I wanted to make a flag to represent my new bag making adventure!  I love making bags and have started taking orders from friends and family for custom made bags.  And bonus, it pays for my fabric addiction!
 I thought at the top of the flag I should put my logo but wait.....I don't have a logo.  So this is what I came up with...
It's quite simple but fun!  I love the font and best of was free in my Word program!  YAY FREE!!!  Well with a name like Robin I certainly wouldn't call them bags but rather...nests!!  So they are my custom made fabric nests!  Heeeeyyyyyyy, that would be a great blog name!  bahahahaha  
Bet you'll never guess what that is in the middle!!  Here's some more in process pics...

Hey, don't mind me..I'm just jammin' to some Pandora while I sew!!

And here's my sewing tip for the day...don't try to watch Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show while hand sewing the embroidery details on your project!  I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.  Teary, blurry eyes and sharp needles don't play well together!!!!  It's much better to just listen to music!                                               
And so here is my finished flag, and I must say I am quite pleased with it.  It has all different little bags and wallets appliqued on from fabric scraps that I made bags out of!!  And my plump little robin in the middle even has her own fabric nest to fly with!                               

And just in case you wanted a close up of that diva Robin, here she is...
Look at that fancy fabric nest she has!!
Heyyyyyyy, who's that photo bombing my flag?!!!  GET BACK TO CLASS missy!!!
Well, that's my flag and I'm sticking to it?!!  fly on over to the other hoppers and check out their flags too....

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lunch Time!!

Hey what could chase away the winter blues like a NEW BAG?!!!  I'll tell you...NOTHING!!  So I dug out some fabric that I bought quite a while ago just because I loved it so much and went in search of a lunch bag pattern.  Lo and behold I found a FREE tutorial for the cutest lunch bag around over at Pink Penguin!  Here's my version...
OMG, isn't it awesome?!
I love the pull close cover on top.  No peaking at my not so healthy lunch!!  So thanks so much to Ayumi for a great tutorial for this fast and fun bag.  BTW, wouldn't it make a great Easter basket?!