Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Anybody...anybody...  it's Black Tie Boogie Day...YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!  Okay, it's Wednesday too!  Hehehe, just a little commercial fun for all those that love the Geiko camel.  I really am excited about my turn though.  Thanks to Madame Samm for coming up with such a fun idea and to Vicki for cheering us all on.  If not for those two I probably wouldn't have gotten my project done in time.  It is a Christmas present for my brother and sister-in-law.
  About a year ago, or so, they decided to keep some chickens.  So my brother set about building a coop and bought some hens and a couple of really cool roosters.  Here's some picks of his boys...

And here's the coop only partially finished.  Since this pic, my brother added on all kinds of additions, painted it red and gated it in.  So for Christmas I wanted to make him a simple wall hanging.  I was going to do two (one of each rooster) but I ran out of time.  The tan rooster is my favorite so that is the one I started with.  So here's my version of Brownie...
 And here's the roost he rules!!!
Doesn't he look handsome on my wall with the fall decorations?!
UH OH someone must have just looked in the hen house and found it empty!  Brownie went outside to look for all his lovely ladies!!!
Well, I hope my brother and his wife enjoy my present.  I'm pretty sure they don't know I have a blog so they won't see this post.  Brownie says cluck your way on over to all the other Black Tie affairs in blog land today...
November 20

Friday, November 8, 2013

Stella Bag

This is going to be just a quick post of mostly pics of a few bags I have recently made.  I have been meaning to write some bag making post to link up with ChrisWs' Brag Bag Tuesday posts for MONTHS!!!  She was kind enough to let me test a few of her bags and I wanted to repay her kindness by playing along on Tuesdays.  But then Tuesday would come and go and no posts.  And so I'd think "next week, for sure"!  Well, 28 weeks later and it's finally NEXT WEEK.  Okay, so I missed Tuesday but I'll work on the DAY of the week......next week!!!  Bahahahahaha!!!  As I tell my husband, the whole time management thing is quite a mystery to me!  So, Christine, I am sorry it took me so long and I really will try to link up more often!
  Here are two cross body bags that I made using the Stella Bag pattern from Sewing Sue.
We are big Penn State fans in this family!  All the college age people in the family attend Penn State at one campus or another! I ran out of plain black fabric so it still needs a handle!!   Here are a few more views of it...

And here is a Christmas version that I made to donate to a basket raffle at work benefiting CMN.

So that's all for this week.  Check back in NEXT WEEK (hehe) for the next installment.  It will be Chris Only bags!!  Oh yeah, have a great weekend and...Sew On, my friends!!!