Sunday, December 15, 2013


                           Giveaway Day
I had Mr Random pick my winner and he chose #101.  I would love to post the pick of the Mr Random widget but I can't figure out how!!!  So, anyway #101 was Laura.  I have contacted her by email and will have her basket and scraps out this week.  Congrats to Laura and a HIGE thanks to all those who left a comment!  I love Give Away day and hope to see you all in MAY for the next one!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Giveawawy Day!!!

                                Giveaway Day
Today is the day folks!!  It's time for another Sew Mama Sew giveaway day.  This will be my very first time participating as a "giver"!!  So I'm not going to write a long post I'm just going to get right to the good stuff!  This time around I am going to send to US only just because of the expense of sending international.  I am already broke from buying presents!!  Hehe!  Next time I promise to include my over seas friends.
  So I wanted to give away something I made but I thought....why not get rid of add in a pile of scraps.  I have two HUGE bags of scraps that never seem to go down no matter how much I dip into them. This is a win win giveaway!  Someone wins the scraps and I have room in the bag when I make more scraps!!  And who doesn't love other peoples scraps?!
I am going to make a fabric basket like the one above.  I will not be using holiday fabric since it will probably not make it to its new home with much tie to spare for Christmas.  The items above will not be included either.  Instead I am going to stuff that thing so full of scraps it will feel like a Thanksgiving turkey!!  I would show a pic of my scraps but they are all just thrown in big bags an are all wrinkled and not very presentable!  The scraps are all sizes, colors and themes!  Oh, and the winner can pick a favorite color for the basket. Just leave me a comment about any old thing to be entered.  One comment per person please!  Now to figure out whether to put this in Handmade or Supplies!!!  Have fun everyone!

No More Entries Accepted.  Time To Pick A Winner!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Club EVER!!!

  I was going to write a post about the Christmas presents I have completed since Thanksgiving.  I thought that posting my progress would keep me on track to finish all I need to make BEFORE 2AM Christmas morning!!!  Good intentions and all that malarkey!! 

 So I wake up this morning and go through my routine of deleting the five thousand emails telling me how to cure what ails me, enlarge things, lose weight, buy the best____ I've ever owned and a myriad of other things.  Once all the important spam was out of the way I move on to the good stuff....quilt related emails!  I notice that there is an email from ChrisWDesigns in there. I LOVE her patterns (and herself!) so I click in to it right away.  And what to my wondering eyes does appear?!!!!!  No, no Down Under reindeer!!!!  A brand new bag club venture hosted by another of my faves, Sew Sweetness.  I could hardly believe my eyes!!!  A membership into their VERY exclusive club comes with a brand new bag pattern on the first of every month for 6 months from 6 different designers.  I have bought patterns from most of them and, I must say, they were all very well written.  There will also be a Facebook page set up for any and all questions that club members may have regarding the construction process.  How cool is that?!  It will be a community of bag makers!!  So, as I'm reading about the club I'm thinking bag patterns are usually $10 - $12 a piece.  Since this is a club the price will probably be a little less than the cost of six individual pattern, right?  I'm thinking maybe $50.  So that's cool because I loved all the previous bags by these designers so I know these six will be great.  BUT WAIT!!!  I get to the bottom of the post and Chris is trying to tell me that it's only $40 to join.  WHAAAAAATT!!!  That's even better because I just got paid $40 for a bag I made for a customer!!  Holy snowman Charlie Brown!  How perfect is that?!  BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE......if you join in the month of December it's only $35!!  There really is a Santa Claus Virginia!!  That's less than 6 bucks a pattern.  I think it took me all of two minutes to click over to Sew Sweetness and sign myself up!  Merry Christmas to me!!
   So if you want to join in on this club, and you know you want to, click on over HERE and sign on up.  All the cool kids are doing it!!!  Come on, I want to see lots of finished bag pics on Facebook.

 Hopefully tomorrow I will get up my present progress report!  Come on back and check out my stuff!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Anybody...anybody...  it's Black Tie Boogie Day...YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!  Okay, it's Wednesday too!  Hehehe, just a little commercial fun for all those that love the Geiko camel.  I really am excited about my turn though.  Thanks to Madame Samm for coming up with such a fun idea and to Vicki for cheering us all on.  If not for those two I probably wouldn't have gotten my project done in time.  It is a Christmas present for my brother and sister-in-law.
  About a year ago, or so, they decided to keep some chickens.  So my brother set about building a coop and bought some hens and a couple of really cool roosters.  Here's some picks of his boys...

And here's the coop only partially finished.  Since this pic, my brother added on all kinds of additions, painted it red and gated it in.  So for Christmas I wanted to make him a simple wall hanging.  I was going to do two (one of each rooster) but I ran out of time.  The tan rooster is my favorite so that is the one I started with.  So here's my version of Brownie...
 And here's the roost he rules!!!
Doesn't he look handsome on my wall with the fall decorations?!
UH OH someone must have just looked in the hen house and found it empty!  Brownie went outside to look for all his lovely ladies!!!
Well, I hope my brother and his wife enjoy my present.  I'm pretty sure they don't know I have a blog so they won't see this post.  Brownie says cluck your way on over to all the other Black Tie affairs in blog land today...
November 20

Friday, November 8, 2013

Stella Bag

This is going to be just a quick post of mostly pics of a few bags I have recently made.  I have been meaning to write some bag making post to link up with ChrisWs' Brag Bag Tuesday posts for MONTHS!!!  She was kind enough to let me test a few of her bags and I wanted to repay her kindness by playing along on Tuesdays.  But then Tuesday would come and go and no posts.  And so I'd think "next week, for sure"!  Well, 28 weeks later and it's finally NEXT WEEK.  Okay, so I missed Tuesday but I'll work on the DAY of the week!!!  Bahahahahaha!!!  As I tell my husband, the whole time management thing is quite a mystery to me!  So, Christine, I am sorry it took me so long and I really will try to link up more often!
  Here are two cross body bags that I made using the Stella Bag pattern from Sewing Sue.
We are big Penn State fans in this family!  All the college age people in the family attend Penn State at one campus or another! I ran out of plain black fabric so it still needs a handle!!   Here are a few more views of it...

And here is a Christmas version that I made to donate to a basket raffle at work benefiting CMN.

So that's all for this week.  Check back in NEXT WEEK (hehe) for the next installment.  It will be Chris Only bags!!  Oh yeah, have a great weekend and...Sew On, my friends!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wicked Awesome!

Here is The Wicked Creators Schedule 
Time for some WICKED fun!!!!
This is my very favorite blog each year.  A huge thanks to Mdme Samm for having it again and to Wendy for hosting it again.  It is unbelievable how diverse the projects are for this hop.  I get so many great ideas and ghoulish inspiration from the other hoppers that I would need a hundred Halloweens to be able to make everything!!!  So a big HURRAH to all the hoppers too!
So this year I thought it would be cool to make a bag out of Halloween fabric.  While I was searching for who knows what I came across a wonderful (and free!!) bag pattern and tutorial.  It's called the Tohoku Tote and can be found HERE.

I decided to send this along with a table topper to my swap partner in the Quilted Table yahoo group I am in.  I am happy to say that it was quite well received!
The next project I worked on was a bunch of coasters to use up some cheapo fabric that I bought just because it was Halloween.  I thought it would be fun to just have them all over the house.
 As it turned out, someone else liked them also!!

Or was it my coffee he was after?
Now my final project turned out to be the best Halloween decoration I have made to date.  I used the Amy Bradley pattern Happy Halloween.  Instead of making a wall hanging I made a valance!!!  Isn't it so cool?!
When I first hung it up I liked it but thought it still needed something so....
I went out and bought some lime green sheers!  That is the best window in the house now.  There are a few more characters that didn't fit into this valance so there will definitely be another one made next year for the living room bay window!  I love Amy's characters!
 Here's another close up!
I tried to get a spookier picture but this was the best I could do with the shadows.  Oh, and guess who came out to photo bomb yet another of my pictures!  Look on the light!
Oh, he's a tricky one!!!
Now that you have seen my family portrait line up go on over to these other hoppers today...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Goodies

I just love the HALLOWEEN season!  I don't mean all the mean spirited trick and mayhem that some few psycho's who use the season as an excuse for their criminal activities.  What I love about it is all the fun and silliness that goes with dressing up and decorating.  It is a chance for those to shy the rest of the year to embarrass themselves in public to throw caution to the wind!  And for those of us who cannot help but let our freak flags fly all year long, well, we just love all the extra company!!!!  So this year I joined in a Halloween Tablerunner Swap and this is what I made for my partner.  I am happy to say that it was quite a success in it's new home!  
I also sent her this fun tote.  I used decorative stitches on the handles and below the top band.  I used glow-in-the-dark thread for these stitches so the first time she uses it at night she will get a fun surprise!  It was quite hard to part with this tote.  I just love that kooky witches shoes fabric!
And look who got in on the fall decorating !!
Coming soon is the WICKED bloghop!  So tune in and be ready for some really cool Halloweeny goodies!! 

Monday, September 9, 2013


 Well,  hello one and all!   It's bloghop time again and this one's all about pin cushions.  At least once a day I think how I really need to make some pincushions so I don't have to cart my one poor little beat up chicken back and forth from the sewing machine to the cutting table and then over to the ironing station.  Sometimes I even take him for a visit to the living room end table.  Then he gets to have a wet dog nose violate him!!!  So, anyway, that is why I thought it would be perfect to join this hop.
  I had huge plans to make several pincushions.  Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans!   So, I only got two made but, hey,  better than none so.....SUCCESSSSSSS!!  I gotta take what I can get sometimes. 
  The first one I made is from a tutorial I found on the Cutting Corners College by Riley Blake.  The tutorial was written by Vicki from the Quilting Lodge and called The Cube.
 I did alter the pockets a little according to what I wanted to put in it.
My next project included some fun little items you all might recognize.   Anyone anyone...???  Yes,  they are little felt M&Ms!  I'm not sure how popular they are outside of the US,  so if you've never heard of them, they are bits of chocolate with a candy coated shell.  So what would I make with these you ask ?!  I'll tell you!  Make a candy dish full of chocolate goodies into a pincushion!   And I had the perfect dish to put them in!  Here's my second creation...
BAHAHAHAHA, isn't that awesome? !  I'm going to send the candy dish pincushion to the funniest blogger I know.  I don't want to say who it is until she gets it.  I know with her sense of humor she will get a chuckle out of it.  And isn't it fun to send a friend a little pressie for no reason? .
  So,  thanks to Kristen for hosting this hop and to Mme Samm for creating all these great hops!   Here's the rest of today's Pin Up, I mean Pin It girls!
September 10

  Have fun hopping everyone! 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pin It Bloghop

September 10

September 16

Thursday, August 15, 2013

LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!

Well, lookie here!
 I've Been Featured
 I can hardly believe that someone wanted to interview me.  I am beyond excited about this.  The funny thing is I didn't realize that I have only been at this sewing thing for about four years until I filled out the interview questions. I feel like I've been doing it so much longer.  And by that I mean...How the H*&& did I collect this much fabric in four short years!!!!!  I'm saving for retirement in fabric dollars. 
 So, anyway, if you want to read a little bit about me just hop on over to Christine's blog.  Then come back and leave me a pretty comment for a chance to win a fabric box.

Monday, August 12, 2013


 We have a winner!!  Actually we have TWO winners!!
So here's the story.... I was riding in the car with my husband and my daughter when I remembered that I needed to find some help using Mr. Random.  Unfortunately, neither of them knew how to use it (or ever heard of it!).  So hubby wonders why I don't just pick a number myself.  HELLOOOOOO.......I can't pick the number.....I read all the comments...... and have visited all the ones who have blogs....and, well, it's just NOT DONE that way!!!!  MEN!!
So, my daughter asked why she couldn't pick the number.  Hey, that would be cool and I wouldn't have to spend an hour learning Mr. Random (yay for me!!).  Well then my husband wants to know why she gets to pick and he doesn't!!  Now you see what I deal with DAILY?!  This is the reason why white erase boards are banned from the fridge!  I got tired of reading how wonderful each of them were and how dorky the other one was depending on who had hold of the marker last!hehehe  Anyway, I gave in and let them both pick a number. Problem solved (I am such a diplomat!!).  My daughter picked#39 

Linda JAugust 2, 2013 at 6:44 AM
  1. Wowie, Robin! You have been a very busy girl and surely have a jump on the holiday preparations now. It would be hard to pick a favorite amongst the projects, you had me enthralled with the house wall hanging and then there was the gingerbread quilt to top it off. Cute baskets too. Appreciate your giveaway opportunity for winning one but I will definitely check out Mia's Creations too! Enjoy the rest of your featured day!
  Oh, by the way Linda, Brittany says "your welcome"!!!  My husband went with #116 (yay, last post counting for me)

Your gingerbread men quilt is awesome. Those little guys sure are running. You got a lot completed for this hop.

I will be emailing the winners to get their snail mail addys.  Congrats to the both of them and thanks to everyone who left a wonderful comment!  
See you next bloghop!!! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013


I have made a HUGE mistake!  I feel so horrible.  Not a totally foreign feeling, I might add!  When I posted about my fabric baskets in my last post I gave credit for the tutorial to Maria of Mia's Creations.  I did get the inspiration from Maria on her blog but I forgot that she had the tutorial linked to another blog.  The tutorial is by Tina over on Seaside Stitches.   I am so so sorry for any confusion.  Now I have to go grovel for forgiveness down by the seaside!!  I sure hope I don't get strung up and left out for the seagulls to peck at me and poop on my head!!

*note to time double check!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

HO HO HO Blog Hop...MY TURN!!!!!!

 HEY, look at me!  I just figured out how to put the blog hop picture in the post!!!!  Well, now that the hard stuff is over with, onto the pics.
  So, before I tell you what I made, I would like to give a shout out to the two wonderful (non-competitive) women who made this blog hop happen.  Thanks to Madame Samm for coming up with this hop and Carol for being our head cheerleader.  Joining these hops always guarantees a finish for me, so , thanks a million ladies!!  I also think it is appropriate to thank all the hoppers who cheer on all the creators of the wonderful projects!  Let's all just have a big quilty love fest!  YAY us!!!!
  So, when I signed up for this hop I knew there were some projects I would like to finish and also some new ones I wanted to start (and finish).  The first thing I wanted to do was make a purse for the holiday season.  Since I recently made the Evelyn bag by ChrisWDesigns (link on right sidebar) I figured I could whip one out rather quickly.  I wanted to make a bag that was a little more formal for when I am FORCED to act like an adult!!  So I went with a couple of fabrics from a country Christmas F4 set and added in the music fabric to make it more festive.

For the inside I used my own hand dyed fabric.  It turned out quite nice I think!
Once that was out of the way, I took a break and surfed the blogging world.  I came across a nice little tutorial by Maria over at Mia's Creations for fabric baskets.  They are the simplest things to make and yet look so adorable.  Since they are just made from a square they can be made any size.  So I made three different sizes!!
Aren't they the perfect little things to store stuff.  I used the big one to store the accessories for making fabric postcards, the little one for a mini sewing basket and of to hold the chocolate!!!!  Oh, and here's a pic of a finished postcard ( on the left) and an in-process one.
  I thought I'd better get started on those now and maybe I won't have to run out at the last minute to buy a box of cards!
  Now for my last new project I found more inspiration on BlueMountain Daisy.  I have always thought the Swoon quilt pattern was really cool but when I saw how Rachel made hers into houses I was hooked!  What a great way to use up some holiday fabric scraps and end up with a little Christmas village!  Here's what I came up with...
I was going to make it a pillow but the tops of the houses got lost when I stuffed it so now it is a wall hanging!  I used scrap booking brads for the stepping stones and strung seed beads and glass tube beads to decorate the trees.  I tied buttons on for the door handles and even added some stick on gems for twinkling snowflakes in the sky.
Oh and of course I had to add a little furry friend in one of the doorways!
I used some fun fabric for the middle and added a felt snowman and a little gingerbread couple.

 Well, that's my new project and now on to the ufo's!  I had a centerpiece all cut out last year but wasn't sure if I really liked all the fabric in it.  Between my indecisiveness and Christmas coming early last year(!!!!!!!) it never did get made.  Well, since it was cut out I figured I better just make it.  What else would I do with the pieces?!   Once I sewed it all together and quilted it I thought what the heck am I going to use to bind this thing!  It was cut from F4s so I didn't have enough to bind it.  So I went a digging.  Lo and behold, in a bag of remnants from (I love buying those leftover surprise bags) I came across the perfect fabric.  So now she is bound and ready to show off!!
And the back is just as cute!

Now my last (but certainly not least) project is my favorite thing I've ever made (so far!).  At the beginning of this year I came across a sew along to learn new techniques called the Something New Sampler.  It was hosted by Amy over at 13 Spools.  I thought I would sew along since there was a couple of the techniques I had never done and a F4 set I that I didn't know what to do with. It really was a great way to learn some new things.  It is still linked on her blog if anyone would like to check it out.  When I finished several of the blocks and posted them on the Flicker group, Amy mentioned how it reminded her of gingerbread cookies.  Well she sure was right and inspiration struck my like lightening!

 The cool thing about the blocks was that they were rectangle instead of square so when I put the blocks together I could make it look a little less like a sampler quilt.  I used a white background so I could make my gingerbread men "active"!  I also thought it would be fun to add some ric rac when I sewed down the binding instead of having a border.  I love love love this quilt.  Here are some close up pics so you can see the details.

That about wraps up my projects.  And now I think I will have my very first give away!!!!!  Since I had such a ball making these fabric baskets, I think I will share one with some lucky winner!
I have this one full of all my postcard making stuff.  While yours will not be that full, I may just add some of my holiday fabric scraps to get you started on your own fabric postcards!!  Just leave me a special little comment and you'll be in!  Now I just have to learn how to use Mr. Random before August 9th!!!!
  Thanks for visiting me and be sure to visit all the crafty creators that are on for today!!
  Happy Hopping!!
August 2