Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Test Bag

Last week Christine of ChrisWDesigns (button on the right sidebar) emailed me to ask if I could quickly test her revised Evelyn bag pattern.  Hellooooooo.......OF COURSE I would love to test another of her bags!!!  Her patterns are some of the most well written patterns that I have used and there always seems to be a technique that is new to me.  Well, this one did not disappoint!  Evelyn is a great purse and holds a lot more than I thought it would as I was making it.  It is chock-full-o' pockets for one thing.
  Since I used black for the lining I top stitched the pockets with white so they are easier to spot! I also used a white zipper for the same reason.  What you can't tell is that she had the zipper attached in a way that there is an extra pocket behind it.
 The elastic side pockets are great for a phone and keys!
On the outside back is ANOTHER zippered pocket.  Great for change!
All in all this is a really fun bag to make.  It goes together quite quickly unless you sew the straps on the outer panels upside down like I did!!!!  If there's a way to flub up than I will definitely do it.  That's why I am a great tester!!
 Oh, and I put a fun little heart on the front loop to glam it up a bit!
I can not say enough to encourage anyone and everyone to try out her patterns.  If you can follow directions, you can make her bags. 
  Thanks again Christine for letting me be a tester! 


  1. LOVE your bag....Thanks for testing for me Robin....I appreciate your help! :)
    ChrisW Designs

  2. Ohhhh I love that bag, what a great purse it would make. How easy would it be to add a zipper across the top? I am one who likes things all zipped up...must be from when I dumped my purse under a cab at the Altanta airport. It was such a joy to crawl under a cab and hope he didn't take off and run me over! LOL!! You picked a fabulous color too! Yum Yum Yum!

  3. Wonderful job Robin and i can see you are having so much fun with your BLOG. Do not know where you find the time. Congrats on your win. Lovely fabrics ")