Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January's Bag of the Month


In December I posted about joining the Bag of the Month Club started by Sew Sweetness.  On January first, bright and early, I received the first pattern.  The name of the pattern is the Bye Bye Love Bag by Sara herself.  I wasn't quite sure if I would like the bag for myself but, boy oh boy, was I mistaken!!  I LOVE THIS BAG!  It makes the perfect bag for work.  It is nice and roomy with gobs of pockets inside and out.  A girlfriend ordered one to take to the beach for all her lotions and potions and towels.  I never thought to use it as a beach bag but it would be PERFECT to use for that!!  anyway, here is my version of the Bye Bye Love bag....

I made my version from outdoor fabric so it wouldn't matter if it got rained on while walking into work.  I really love how it turned out!  My one tip for using outdoor fabric would be to iron on the fusible interfacing before cutting!!  I have gotten tons of compliments on this bag and no one can believe it is homemade.  So THANK YOU SARA for helping me to impress everyone with your wonderful bag!!!

Here is a pic of the inside full of work stuff (minus the Kindle Fire full of games!!!).
I highly recommend joining this club to any and all bag makers!  Have a fabulous day everyone!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I really can't believe I messed up this bad!  I had written down on my sticky note that my day was the 17th instead of the 16th.  I feel just horrible about this.  I am so sorry to all those who have had to come back a second time to see my project. Well, one good thing is that you won't have to read through a long winded post like I normally write for the hops!!!
  So I decided that this year when I join a hop I will make an item for the guest bedroom.  By the end of the year it should be fixed up right pretty!!  The curtains in there were cheap hideous muddy water colored things.  Don't know who ever thought buying them was a good idea!!!  I came across a beautiful picture while browsing Pinterest and it inspired this lovely valance...

I thought it looked somewhat like a blue sky with fluffy white clouds with a little sunny yellow on top!  I am going with a garden theme in there and I didn't want the window dressing to be plain and boring.  This was my way to spruce it up a bit!  Now, for what to put on it... Wel, with a name like Robin and a garden theme....what else?!!  Some beautiful blue birds of happiness!!

Here's a close up of the lovebirds!

And just look who popped in for a visit!!  She loves the new window treatment, but then, she is A Little Bit Biased!!!!


I hope you like my project but even more I hope you accept my appology for being late.  Now I must go grovel and throw myself on the mercy of Madame Samm and Carol and beg them not to put me on the naughty list!  While I am eating crow you go on and visit these other hoppers for today...

January 16