Saturday, August 3, 2013


I have made a HUGE mistake!  I feel so horrible.  Not a totally foreign feeling, I might add!  When I posted about my fabric baskets in my last post I gave credit for the tutorial to Maria of Mia's Creations.  I did get the inspiration from Maria on her blog but I forgot that she had the tutorial linked to another blog.  The tutorial is by Tina over on Seaside Stitches.   I am so so sorry for any confusion.  Now I have to go grovel for forgiveness down by the seaside!!  I sure hope I don't get strung up and left out for the seagulls to peck at me and poop on my head!!

*note to time double check!!!


  1. LOLLLLL I didn't even spot the mistake. Doesn't matter, you've made amends, we all make mistakes.

  2. I love the one that I won in the blog hop but am happy to have the pattern source and her wonderful tutorial. Robin, I used mine to slip cover a less that pretty tin in which I store stuff like paper scissors, two sizes of hex keys, a box cutter, well, you get the picture---tools and stuff, LOL. The colors didn't scream Christmas so why not!? THX again.