Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pattern Parcel #6

It's All About The Ladies!!
I haven't posted since last June but I am breaking my code of silence!!  Okay, I'm just setting aside my laziness!!!  And for quite a good reason.  I answered the call to test out and blog about a wonderful set of patterns for the ladies.  Hop on over to The Pattern Parcel and check it out.  Or go to their blog HERE and read all about it.  It is quite a good deal as there are several options for purchasing.  The really cool thing is that it supports the indie designers and also children's education charities.  So far it has raised $13000.00!!!
  So, just to give you a background on my fashion sewing experience I'll give you a list of each item of clothing I have sewn before this parcel.  Okay, that's it.  Did you miss anything?!  Bahahaha, I am a clothing sewing virgin!!  I mean not even a pillowcase dress for my daughter when she was little.  Nada nothing zilch!  But I really wanted to give fashion sewing a try so I could have clothing that fits every part of me.  I am so sick of buying something to fit over one part of me only to find out it doesn't fit around another part!  And don't get me started on things popping out when I bend or reach.  UGH!!!
  Looking through all the cool patterns in this group I decided on the Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations.  So, got my pattern printed, taped and trimmed down to workable pieces and off I went.  I honestly could just kick myself for not giving this a go earlier!  This cardigan came together so easily thanks to the wonderfully written pattern and all the tips included in with the instructions.  I completed it from cutting to wearing in one day.  Since this was a first for me I went very slow so I'm sure it would only take a few hours for the next one.
  I would highly recommend this Parcel even if you are totally new to fashion sewing!  Just look how wonderful mine turned out!!
Now off to make some more stuff for me!  Mwahahahaha=)

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