Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lunch Time!!

Hey what could chase away the winter blues like a NEW BAG?!!!  I'll tell you...NOTHING!!  So I dug out some fabric that I bought quite a while ago just because I loved it so much and went in search of a lunch bag pattern.  Lo and behold I found a FREE tutorial for the cutest lunch bag around over at Pink Penguin!  Here's my version...
OMG, isn't it awesome?!
I love the pull close cover on top.  No peaking at my not so healthy lunch!!  So thanks so much to Ayumi for a great tutorial for this fast and fun bag.  BTW, wouldn't it make a great Easter basket?!


  1. Great bag! I'll have to find that pattern too!

  2. Gorgeous work Robin and YES...it would make the perfect Easter basket!

  3. I love this! I've been looking for a project for my granddaughters and I to sew and I think this is it. I can simplify it by not making the closure part since they are too inexperienced for that but the size of this would be perfect for them. blessings, marlene